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About Us

About us, Ayurveda By Alora

Ayurveda By Alora

Ayurveda by Alora was created with the concept of taking what Mother Earth has provided us and reaping it’s benefits. The ancient system of Ayuvedic treatments is an art form that many of the employees working at our company learned from their elders and are carrying on the secrets of healing what is inside by nurturing what can be seen on the outside. Ayurvedic by Alora is all about connecting the mind, the body, and the soul.

  • Treating Skin Issues.
  • Dermatologically Approved.
  • Facials to Face Masks & More.
  • Reliable Herbal Formulations.
  • Visible Results in Days.

We treat our business like a spa. When you come to us for your skincare, mind and soul’s care, we give you the full experience. Every moment you spend on yourself is a moment you’re investing not just in your wellbeing, but a cultivation of who you can become. With a vision of moving forward, after taking our Ayurvedic treatments, instead of leaving behind an old version of yourself you nourish and refine the parts you wish to see a change in.

Our Mission

The idea behind each Ayurvedic skincare product and treatment is to change the mindset of our client using it. Switching to natural remedies or incorporating natural products into a skincare routine or relying on them can be scary; not ever natural raw material is made to be used as is on your skin. At Ayurvedic by Alora, we want to change that for you!
We’re here to unlock an authentic world that prioritises comfort, healing and connecting your outer self with your inner self by giving your skin and mental health the attention it needs by using products designed to soothe, treat and enhance what is already within you.

Why Choose Us

Every product we design is formulated by natural ingredients that are handled by professionals and experts who have the knowledge and certifications for creating and working with Ayurvedic roots and spices. All our products are dermatologically approved, tested in an animal-free environment, and are approved for general use.
Ayurvedic by Alora takes extra precaution and care to create products for specific skincare needs for men and women, both. We make our products for and accessible to everybody.

What People Say About Us


“I made my husband buy and use ayurvedic products for skin being sold by this company. He’s so amazed and it has changed his perspective on using natural ingredients!”

  • Catherine
    Senior Designer

“I grew up with a mom who loved natural products so I’ve always been one to try ayurvedic treatments. She taught me all i know about this stuff and Ayurvedic by Alora is by far the best place to get skincare for men and so much more.”

  • Marlin
    Senior Designer

“Ayurvedic treatments are one of the oldest and most reliable medical practices to curing skin concerns and building the immune system. Ayurvedic by Alora is doing brilliant with their ingredients and reliability.”

  • Dr. Woodshaw
    Senior Designer