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This fast-acting, age-defying formula instantly blurs imperfections and perfects skin’s texture as it revitalizes skin’s barrier function and boosts hydration.


  • For a smooth-as-glass finish that lasts for hours
  • Visibly softens harsh lines, wrinkles & large pores
  • Leaves skin feeling ultra silky, soft & protected
  • Age-fighting correctors deliver long-lasting results from within

Skin Conditions

Lined | Wrinkled | Enlarged Pores | Redness | Rosacea-Prone

Smooth a medium size pearl over moisturizer and sunscreen. Wait 2 minutes before applying makeup. It may be worn in place of foundation for a more natural look.


Uniprosyn PS-18 | essential molecules of hydrolyzed oat protein extract, energy boosting ATP, and niacinamide work together on improving barrier function for soft, smooth, more resilient skin
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) | cellular fuel-molecule; energizes for clear, naturally luminous skin
Chlorella Vulgaris | peptide-rich microalgae protects and revives skin’s strengthening proteins to produce deep-down line-smoothing over time
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate | soothing molecule from licorice; calms, soothes visible redness.