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Calming, anti-redness, hydrating, and purifying elements in this lightweight hydrogel help to soothe and get control of sensitive, acne-prone skin that’s been over-processed and dehydrated by common acne treatments – including benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, chemical peels, and light and laser therapies.


  • Acts within minutes to clear mild imperfections and correct over-processing
  • Smooths and hydrates for a silky, matte finish
  • Reduces signs of aging brought on by inflammation
  • Visibly relieves transitory and chronic redness
  • Help keep facial redness under control and prevent new redness from forming
  • Keeps makeup fresh for hours
Apply one small dot each on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. Blend. Follow with sunscreen.


Lichochalcone | powerful skin-calming molecule from Chinese Licorice. Targets the multiple causes of imperfections to deliver fast-acting results
Redyless® | thanks to a new understanding of the biological mechanisms of facial redness, this new patented molecule inhibits the activity of cell receptors sensitive to variations in hot/cold temperatures, food- and alcohol-related flushing, emotional stress and other stimuli at the root of facial redness
4-Terpineol | highly purified molecule of Australian Tea Tree Oil. Works to suppress hostile skin flora without irritation or allergies associated with pure Tea Tree Oil
Spirea Ulmaria | dermatologist-tested extract of Meadowsweet, an herb rich in skin-calming and pore-purifying phenolic acid. A natural skin-defense booster
MoistureZomes | moisture-filled liposomes deliver time-released moisture between skin cells for deep, prolonged hydration.